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Interior design is multitasked profession that contains discussing with clients, planning, location visits, process of scheduling, research, architecture management, and design-execution.De Design Architecture and Interior Calicut, is a city in Kerala situated in south India on the Coast of Malabar .Calicut is the second biggest city in Kerala and 192nd largest urban area in the world. Calicut lies about west of Bangalore, south of Mangalore, north of the state capital, Trivandrum.Cyberpark, is a government organization, operating IT development of investment in IT, ITES in Malabar area and will be the third IT hub in Kerala. It is in the process of setting up IT parks at Kozhikode, first project is the development of Cyber park hub in Kozhikode with its discussions at Kannur and Kazargode IT parks. There are other projects include the Birla IT Park and Malaysian satellite city industrial park.

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Calicut has various shopping Malls. Focus Mall, Highlight Mall is the third largest mall in Kerala and RP Mall are a few among them. Currently, new shopping malls are springing out all over the city. This has changed the consumer habits, shifting the centre of commerce to these places.De Design Architecture- Interior is providing our services to various parts of Calicut. We are giving emphasis on planning, functional design of layout and by considering space utility. Compared to interior decorating an interior designer in fine line design can undertake projects that include arranging the basic layout of spaces inside your building. We undertake projects that recognize technical issues such as positioning of windows, doors, cupboards, acoustics, and lighting. Interior designer needs approval for a structural engineer. Interior designers often work directly with architects, engineers and contractors.

We undertake residential projects and commercial projects. Residential projects deal with the design of the home interior. This is very specific to individual situations; the needs of a client are given much importance. We undertake renovation work and newly building works. The entire process needs commitment that takes months to make adjustments and create a space with the outlook of the client.

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Commercial projects have wide range of features. It includes shopping malls, shopping centers, offices, IT firms, beauty parlors, department stores and specialty stores, Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, visual merchandise, and showrooms. We are giving emphasis to space and vision. The effective use of space as a means to express a corporate brand.Our Office designs include for any kind of business such as banks, govt offices etc. The importance of interior designing is high for hospitals, wards, rooms, medical offices, dentist offices, psychiatric clinics and labs.

Commercial sectors where interior designing has an important place are Star hotels, restaurants, Bakeries, Luxury bars,Cafes,Motels, Resorts, Cruise Ships,Casinos,Nightclubs,Theaters, Music and Concert halls, Operas, Sports clubs, gyms, Health clubs and spas.

The phase of Government offices, financial institutions, Colleges, Schools, University, Museums, Art gallery, and exhibition hall all are changing with time.De Design Architecture-interior is well equipped to face any challenge of the contemporary field of interior designing. These are different Commercial sectors where we need to interior decorate or interior design to attract customers and to uphold the value and social position. Calicut has been in the changing phase from sweet market to a hi-tech city.De-Design Architecture-Interior is imparting service to decorate the interiors of this cyber-city in the most elegant style and ethnic beauty as it has.